WORK SPACE OF THE PAST AND Office of the future

Whether a Home Office or Corporate setting space, the office is a place the average working adult spends the most amount of time in a day, week or year. Sadly many offices today still do not provide the environment that allows people to do the best work of your life. However, I have taken even the smallest work spaces and transformed them into areas that increase a person's energy and decreases their stress level. I use my creative talents to bring together colors, textures, furnishings, and lighting that is simultaneously functional and pleasing to all human senses. I use my understanding of ergonomics and aesthetics to ensure the tools and things someone uses everyday is within easy reach to reduce the strains on the joints, eyes, neck, hands and feet. I deliver personal artifacts that lifts a person's spirits and talks to their passions or celebrates the space's unique traits. Lastly, I use acoustics to help motivate and energize individuals and teams.      

Regardless of budget or spatial limits I have delivered an Office of the Future for many professionals in multiple companies, industries and home office settings.

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